Participation Fee

 Floor Plan - Cost of Participation:




USD300.00 / sqm (Minimum 36sqm)

For exhibitors renting Raw Space, please pay attention and comply with the following conditions:

-     All layouts and plans of the booths must be submitted 1 months before the opening of the fair to the related departments for approval.

Electrical power consumption will be charged. For details, please refer to Exhibitors Manual.

A management fee of USD5.00 per sqm would be charged for booth build up by non-appointed official contractor.





3m x 3m=9sqm     USD3000.00
3m x 4m=12sqm   USD3800.00 
3m x 5m=15sqm   USD4500.00 

* corner booth is subject to a surcharge of USD300.00 

 9sqm standard booth includes:

- 1 lockable cupboard

- 2 folding chairs

- 1 waste basket

- 2 40w fluorescent tubes

- 1 13AMP single phase socket

(for non-power and lighting use only)

- Choose ONE from below:-  

Option 1: 3 flat shelves/ 

Option 2: 3 slope shelves/ 

Option 3: 3 fixed leather racks

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