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2014 Show Scale
Total No.of Exhibitors :632
No.of Chines Exhibitors :503
Overseas Exhibitors (including HK,Macau&Taiwan):129
Gross Exhibiton Area:36800 

Feedback from Exhibitors 
Participation Result :
85%   Exhibitors concluded their partipation from satisfactory to excellent        
86%   Exhibitors rated the quality of buyers’from satisfactory to excellent      
82%   Exhibitors are interested in participating in The 9th China Guangzhou Apparel Fabric Accessories & Yarns Fair  

Visitor profile 
Total No. of Visitors :38762
Visitor from China : 25531
Visitor from Overseas :13231
Find the target product and partners:81%

Find no target products and not cooperation:19% 

To facilitate buyers for their sourcing, organizer had arranged many free services including free shuttle bus from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou to fair ground and free hotel accommodation in Guangzhou,etc

90% of the visitors satisfied with the exhibition 

Professional Seminars 
To provide Practical information to buyers and exhibitors and to facilitate exchange and communication within the industrial players, experts were invited to speak on the hot topics of the industry.

Ytrends Corner 
Sponsored by Ytrends , wide ranges of latest fabrics design and artwork from overseas were showcased during the fair, which provided the brilliant Inspiration of design to the industrial players.

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