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Expo news » The textile industry in Jinjiang Beach \"captured\" Chile in South America

Opportunity: "zero tariff" Chile

And export to Europe than many high tariffs and trade barriers, South America is"friendly" many, Chile is obvious. In August this year, "China Chile Free Trade Agreement" supplementary agreement on trade in services officially beganimplementation, Chile's distribution, mining, tourism, real estate and other 37 departments and divisions to Chinese further opening. According to mediadisclosure from the Quanzhou entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the news shows, to 2011, the entire city of Quanzhou exports to the vast majority ofChilean products tax rate will be reduced to zero.

"Zero tariff" concessions to attract more and more attention of Quanzhouenterprises, Jinjiang textile enterprises also have to move to Chile "nuggets".

"Jinjiang exported to most products Chile footwear and textiles, compared with non high tariff free trade agreement signed before, this policy reduces ourexporters great burden of a tariff." Huang Bo said, this also let Chile's customer confidence to import more.

It is reported, as early as this shoe fair, after Huayu approached to a customer in Brazil, through which, the first customer and Alibaba network platform, linked tomore customers in South america. After many South American and customer contact, Huayu has a thorough understanding of the South American marketsales of textiles, grade, price category, consumption level, and in the years to make deeper into the South American market plan, the August free trade agreement is a accelerated the company open up the pace of the South American market. By the end of the year Huayu South American customers haveincreased to 4, the number of export container also doubled.

There are also involved in the South American market business YONGGU groupis the value of the Chilean market potential. The group deputy general manager Zhang Yao said, the local market product positioning and local Jinjiang very similar, is a huge apparel consumer market, with different levels of consumption level and diversity of customs, textile and clothing products demand is huge."Chile has good textile market, the development of much less, the marketpotential is huge." Zhang Yao said, Chile and the whole South Americanconsumption level and almost domestic, "for example, where sales of sports shoes price is about 100 - 200 Real (Brazil currency) price level, and the currentChinese domestic sports shoes not much difference between the retail price. Thisapproach lets us and Chile cooperation advantage."

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