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Expo news » Textile and garment industry overall propulsion

Recently, Fujian Longfeng Textile Technology Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Guoxin Enterprise Management Consultants Limited was formally signed a strategic partnership, in-depthcooperation the two sides will enterprise fine management etc.. This is the Dragon Feng Textile Technology following the improvement of equipment reform, technology, new progress has been made in the aspects of management innovation.

In the rising costs and other pressure, not just a business in seeking management innovation.Last week, Jinjiang City Economic and trade bureau takes the lead to start the managementstatus of Jinjiang textile and clothing industry to thoroughly research, visited a number of representative enterprises. The author along with visit found, fine management of this step,has become Jinjiang's textile and garment enterprises to seek new breakthrough channelpromotion.

Have started to lean production

Longfeng textile technology introduced outside the brain start management innovationinitiatives has been brewing for a long time. As early as last year, the company determinesproduction system reform plan, and according to the production management has formulated a series of planning. Before the reform, technology upgrading equipment in the planning.

"After the market orientation of high-end fabrics, we introduce the imported equipment, and increase R & D investment in technology. All this is the basis of fine management. Preparationis completed, we and the professional management Consultants Co reached a cooperation,officially launched the fine management. The first implementation of domain is the production system." Dragon deputy general manager Wu Xiujian introduces Feng Textile Science and technology.

Personnel mobility, the Taiwanese enterprises problem puzzling for a long time, it has become one of the short board the implementation of fine management.

"The implementation of the refinement of management, we conducted a systematic training for staff. However, to second years, many people are leaving, the impact on enterprises is very big, mean and re training a group of people. If it is left the management layer, is bad, not a qualified guide, the project could not proceed as planned. This back and forth several times, it is difficult to have the enterprise can insist to come down. So to really be born fine management, is a large project need continued investment." The process of visit, a business owner a confession out of embarrassment, the largest implementation of fine management of enterprises in Jinjiang.

In addition, the lack of systematic long-term planning and guidance of professionals, but also a lot of Jinjiang textile and garment enterprise fine management planning reasons for abortion.

The government will be more support

"Jinjiang textile and garment industry of fine management has been a certain degree of understanding, willing to accept, and began to actively attempt in the field of production. This is a good phenomenon. How will this good situation to carry out to other areas of the enterprise, and guide the entire industry to benefit from management, government departments need to encourage, guide and support." During the visit of the enterprise, the follow-up personnel, enterprise management consultant Co., Ltd expert Xu Tianhui Taiwan'sadvice.

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