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Expo news » Jinjiang won the \"textile industry cluster pilot work ten years contribution award\"

The 21 day, the national textile industry cluster pilot ten annual work conference held in Beijing Great Hall of the people in the small auditorium. The conference by the China Textile Industry Association, from the textile industry cluster, national, local associations at all levels of government representatives have a joyous gathering, to discuss plans for the development oftextile.

The meeting summarized the pilot work carried out since the industrial cluster economy ten years of development, a communication model of industrial clusters upgrading transformation of experience, has been clear about the future development ideas; on the other hand, in order to establish the typical advanced, incentives, the meeting commended the first country textileindustry cluster, the cluster model the third batch of national textile industrial development worker outstanding contributions, and the award of the textile industry cluster pilot work ten years contribution award.

It is understood, as China textile industry important plate, the Jinjiang a total of 3 people to be commended, respectively is: Jinjiang Shenhu town mayor Xu Wenchang, Jinjiang City Economic and Trade Bureau of industrial development of coco long Ke Yongding was honored as "the third batch of national textile industry cluster development work outstanding contributor"; Jinjiang City, vice president and Secretary General of Shanghai Chamber of Commerce Huang Qinghai was voted "textile industry cluster pilot work ten years contribution award".

It is reported, from the beginning of 2002, China Textile Industry Federation to textile industry cluster work as a strategic work of development of Chinese textile economy to grasp, in ten years, the pilot area to expand from 38 cities and counties to the town of 191 counties town,the textile economy accounted for more than 40% of the total national textile economy.

Chinese Textile Industry Federation Chairman Wang Tiankai said, this is the textile industry cluster pilot work for the ten anniversary. In ten years, the textile industry cluster region of theparty and government leaders, entrepreneurs, workers have created many vivid cluster economic development experience, worthy of promotion; in the face of the future, cluster work should also summarize the achievement, find out the deficiency, especially thinking exchangesunder the new situation of economic transformation and upgrading in way of group, to realize scientific development.

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