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Industry news » Jinjiang policy to promote the development of textile apparel industry

Recently, the Quanzhou municipal government issued this year's No. 1 document "on promoting the healthy development of textile and apparel industry" several measures.Subsequently, Jinjiang city issued "several opinions on promoting the healthy development of textile apparel enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), further refinement strengthening efforts to promote the sustained and healthy development of textile apparelenterprises.

The reporter understands, Jinjiang the "opinion" by helping enterprises to solve the financingproblem, support enterprises to open up the market, guide enterprises Baotuanimplementation of innovative activities, promote enterprise productivity fusion butt and other matters in five parts. The next step, Jinjiang will through completing the "two cards", adjust the benchmark land price, expand enterprise loan guarantee insurance coverage, reduce the cost of financing, private financing problems of disposal and other channels, to help enterprisessolve the problem of "difficult financing, financing expensive"; according to the domestic and foreign markets of both, the line of the market balance principle, Jinjiang to support business Baotuan to open up the market, expand product sales areas; to break the bottleneck ofproducts homogenization of the competition, Jinjiang will actively guide enterprises to implement technological transformation and development design, innovative activities,promoting the degree of product differentiation, enhance the production of intelligent level; topromote the development of the source of enterprise order, Jinjiang will focus on the localbrand enterprises and foreign ODM, OEM brand licensing business, and actively promote theenterprise capacity fusion butt; this year, Jinjiang will also organize a special investment team,for the Pearl River Delta to strengthen the international apparel brand OEM, ODM authorizedtrading company investment, attract they settled in Jinjiang, Jinjiang shoes to send a singleproduction enterprise.

The "opinions" also pointed out that, Jinjiang will further intensify efforts to support the textileapparel enterprises from difficulties, breakthrough, seize the new round of development opportunities, promote the sustained and healthy development of textile apparel enterprises.

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